Are you retired or are you retiring to Israel?

Confused about what rights or discounts you should be entitled to?

Find out what every native English speaking retiree in Israel should know before making any major decisions affecting their retirement lifestyle.

If you are an israeli citizen from an english speaking country already retired or planning for retirement or if you areâ from an english speaking country and areâ planning to make aliyah in retirement, then you have probably already discovered these three things:

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As a retiree in Israel you are entitled to many government discounts and rights, but no government body will tell you what all of them are.

As a retiree in Israel, there are many businesses and non-governmental entities that will give you discounts, but again there is no umbrella organization telling you which ones and what discounts.

Some of the laws in Israel are just different than in your home country.  For example: you and your spouse do not own 100% of your Israeli apartment together (jointly or in the entirety in English legalese), but rather each of you owns fifty percent (50%) of the apartment.

In my free e-book, written by an experienced American Israeli family law attorney, you will learn:​

  • When do you become “recognized” as a senior citizen in Israel, and what do you have to do to get those “senior citizen” rights?
  • The 4 different types of wills in Israel
  • How and when you are eligible for deeply discounted tickets to  museums, theaters and movies
  • The two main differences between your foreign Living Will or Advanced Health Directive and the Israeli Continuing Power of Attorney
  • Which three types of health insurance you should be looking at?
  • What are the 3 main tax traps for U.S. citizens making investments after they move to Israel?
  • How should non-U.S. Anglo Saxon Israelis be investing their retirement funds to avoid hidden tax traps?
  • How should you be giving gifts to your children in Israel to ensure that in the case of divorce they and not their spouse keeps all of the gift?
  • 18 Questions you should be asking before hiring any attorney in Israel
  • The 4 main things to consider if you are unfortunate enough to have to decide between going to an assisted living facility or hiring a foreign worker

All of this information is absolutely free if you are retired and living in or plan to retire and will be living in Israel.  You have likely been getting lots of advice from your trusted advisers – neighbors, friends, and family.

We created this book to empower you with the best and most necessary information for evaluating and making your decisions regarding retirement in Israel, and how best to prepare for it, in a manner that maximizes the outcome for you .

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