About Jay

Family Law Israel


Jay is personally aware that moving to Israel can be one of the most challenging periods of one’s life, especially for an Anglo from a Western culture.

Watching his father and step-mother come on Aliyah 5 years ago gave him the opportunity to understand the difficulties for Anglos living in Israel, who are approaching retirement or have already retired.

Aging in general is challenge enough but learning to navigate senior citizenship in a new culture can be very discouraging. 

Consequently, Jay is committed to helping seniors have a smooth and enjoyable Aliyah experience.

Jay has been practicing law in the U.S. and/or Israel for over twenty five years. When in the United States, he had a Boutique Securities – related practice in New York City.

He made Aliyah with his family in 2004 and maintained his Securities practice by flying back and forth between the two countries. 

After going through a divorce in Israel with ancillary litigation both in the United States and Israel, Jay was awarded custody of his three minor children.

His personal experience with the  Family Law system in Israel, coupled with knowing there was a better way to navigate Family Law issues, was the impetus for Jay to open a practice in Israel focusing on Family Law.

While Jay and his team have always assisted with wills and estates, he saw through his parents’ experience that much more was need to support seniors in Aliyah. So five years ago, Jay opened a new Elder Law Division of his Family Law Practice.

In the Elder Law Division, Jay and his staff specialize in assisting with estates, wills, guardianship and health, for seniors.

They’ve also created a number of free educational tools to help you successfully and more comfortably, navigate your senior citizenship in Israel. Jay’s free books outline how to obtain seniors discounts and many cultural activities available to new immigrants. And they explain the legal tools available for planning a stress-free future in Israel.

Jay’s extensive knowledge of Western Law as well as a deep understanding of the intricate Israeli Family Law system, has given him a unique set of skills to help you plan for your future in Israel. His personal experience, patient and kind demeanor and excellent support staff are here to help you live a full life in Israel with dignity and peace of mind.

You are invited to arrange for a complimentary initial case evaluation.